The emergency services and police authorities found part of the aircraft entangled with high voltage cables

The plane carrying the Undersecretary of Economic Development of Sonora, Leonardo Ciscomani, collapsed this Saturday in the city of Hermosillo, in that state, when it was heading to Tucson, Arizona.

This was reported this afternoon by the State Government through its Twitter account ; detailing that the official is in a city hospital, in very serious condition:

The State Government confirms that Leonardo Ciscomani, undersecretary of Economic Development in Sonora, is one of the passengers of the aircraft that collapsed a few hours ago in Hermosillo. He is currently being treated in a hospital in this city.

According to the Secretary of Public Security of the State, around 12:35 hours a report to 911 alerted about a crashed aircraft at kilometer 14 of the highway heading to Bahía de Kino, to the west of the city. The XBHSW Sesna 401 plane would have taken off at 12:05 pm from the Hermosillo airport.

The emergency services and police authorities arrived at the place minutes later where they found part of the aircraft entangled with high tension cables, for which it is presumed that the cause of the incident was internal failures when trying to make an emergency landing.

For its part, the state Health Secretariat reported that elements of the Medical Emergency Regulatory Center (CRUM) were the ones who helped those involved in the incident. They reported at least four people dead and three more critically injured, including Leonardo Ciscomani.

All were transferred to clinics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Hermosillo to receive medical attention. The other injured are identified as Javier Laborín Azcárraga and the co-pilot of the aircraft Benjamín Rodríguez.

While the identified persons who died are: Raquel Tapia Miranda, Verónica Tapia Miranda, Rosella Freaner Figueroa and the pilot José Elíseo Ramírez Heredia.

So far, Governor Claudia Pavlovich has not commented on the matter.