Please plan your schedule (and invite your local law enforcement folks to join this too) for next week…Wednesday October 18, 2017 at 1300 hours.

Respond to a fire…are you first due? Sorta. Yeah-as the FIRE Department…but….

But the fact is, our “brothers and sisters in blue” often arrive first.

Sometimes when they do, it’s a good thing.

Sometimes when they do its not such a good thing….

…if the hydrant or access is blocked by a patrol car.

…if the officers take out windows helping to ventilate.

…if the officers open doors to gain access or to investigate.

…if they do a search and become victims themselves.

While the attempts are well intentioned, the fact is that “arriving at a fire” isn’t taught at most police academies.

So now what? 

Well-how about this, invite your Firefighters, your local Police Officers and have everyone gather round the computer (you buy the snacks-purchase donuts with discretion and avoid cynicism that day-or not) and join us as Gordon Graham’s crew from LEXIPOL presents this webinar:

F I R E ! 


Wednesday October 18 at 1300-1400 hours eastern time zone. 

This program will cover specifically what Law Officers can and should do upon arrival to work collaboratively with Firefighters in doing whats best for those having the fire. The program will feature both ISFSI instructors who developed the program AND law enforcement experts. It will also provide the attendees with sample “fire operation” policy for law enforcement agencies for consideration of incorporation into their operations.

This program is specifically designed for both LAW ENFORCEMENT & FIRE SERVICE ATTENDANCE. SIGN UP NOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT TO JOIN IN for this interesting and what’s certain to be a lively and really valuable discussion:


Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


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