By Danielle Cinone

SIX people were injured on Thursday when a plane crash-landed in Texas after the pilot allegedly tried to smuggle undocumented passengers.

The Presidio County Sheriff’s Office shared a photo of the crash-land scene and dubbed the incident a “smuggling attempt.”

According to the sheriff’s report, deputies responded to the airplane crash at around 3.51pm local time.

The crash landing took place North of the Presidio International Airport, in Presidio County, Texas.

The sheriff’s office explained in a Facebook post: “Deputies arrived on scene and assisted the injured passengers where they discovered that the crash was a smuggling attempt gone wrong.

“The pilot attempted to smuggle several undocumented individuals from Presidio by air.”

According to the report, investigators believe the plane’s excess weight and low fuel contributed to the crash landing.

Six passengers were found in the four-seater plane.

“Presidio Police Officers, U.S. Border patrol, Presidio EMS, TXDOT and Presidio Fire Department arrived on scene to assist the search and rescue efforts,” the sheriff’s office said.

“Some of the undocumented individuals were transported to hospitals in El Paso and others were detained by U.S. Border Patrol.”

Following the incident, the pilot left the scene immediately and his whereabouts are currently unknown.

Anyone with information on this incident or other illegal activities is urged to call the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office at 432-729-4848.

Meanwhile, an investigation is underway by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office,

Smuggling charges will be filed on the person or persons involved, police warned.

Dozens of people have comments on the Presidio County Sheriff’s Office Facebook statement, with one questioning how the pilot landed.

“I wonder how the pilot landed? No broken greasewood, prickly pear or ocotillo behind the plane,” one Facebook user wrote. “Like somebody just unloaded the plane right there..”

Another commented: “1963 Piper Cherokee 235. Maximum payload 1465 lbs including fuel.

“You figure in 6 individuals at 150-175 a piece plus about 25 gal of avgas(half of it’s capacity). You ain’t getting far.”

Earlier this month, at least 54 people died after 200 migrants crammed into a truck before it overturned and smashed into a bridge.

Dozens of men, women and children were also been injured in the horror crash in southern Mexico as the overloaded truck reportedly flipped on a sharp bend.