A daring flight with a happy ending: two pilots landed on their plane in Friedrichshafen unplanned after they had a tire blown at take-off – in distant Bulgaria. All inmates are doing well.

A private plane launched in Bulgaria with eight people on board made an emergency landing at Lake Constance Airport in Friedrichshafen on Thursday . The reason: a burst tire. The nine-seat Embraer Phenom 300 machine had started in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria, on a charter flight with the destination Vienna and was then supposed to fly to Rostock , according to the police in Ravensburg.

However, the two pilots discovered that the chassis was damaged shortly after take-off. “The pilots decided to fly to Friedrichshafen because of the technology company based here, which regularly looks after the aircraft,” said Lake Constance Airport on Thursday.

The alarm was triggered at Friedrichshafen Airport and the fire brigade was activated. Despite a burst tire, the plane landed around 4:05 p.m. without any major difficulties. Nobody got hurt.

For the recovery of the business jet, the airport was closed for further arrivals and departures for around an hour. According to the police, the damage to the machine and runway was estimated at more than 100,000 euros. The documents were routinely sent to the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigations (BFU) for further investigation.