By Dan Lake

One of the world’s largest aircraft, the Volga Dnepr Antonov AN-124, was forced to make an emergency landing in Alaska this week after fire reportedly broke out in one of its engines just seconds after takeoff.

Audio from captured the moment crew onboard the aircraft contacted Anchorage air traffic controllers and advised them of their urgent situation.

“Mayday Mayday Mayday,” the pilot called.

“We’ve had a fire onboard our number one engine.”

The freight flight was heading to Khabarovsk in Russia and had 13 crew onboard. Of great concern was the more than 10 hours worth of fuel the aircraft had onboard for the 4700 km flight.

Onboard systems managed to extinguish the fire and the 400 tonne aircraft landed in Anchorage about 15 minutes later, where it was met by fire and rescue authorities.

The aircraft underwent checks in Anchorage for 22 hours, then departed again for Khabarovsk without issue.