Roswell city officials and staff at the city’s visitors’ center made inconvenienced passengers feel welcomed and comfortable after an American Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the Roswell International Air Center.

The airline indicated that 147 passengers and six crew members were aboard a flight Wednesday morning to San Diego from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. But a smoke alarm in the cargo area of the plane required the plane to be diverted to Roswell, The Roswell Daily Record reported .

Passengers and crew remained in Roswell for more than seven hours until a new plane could arrive.

“Quite honestly, this is exactly what we are trained to do,” Air Center Director Scott Stark said. “We have to do a drill every three years, and this is exactly what we do. This didn’t turn out to be a major catastrophe, thank God, but this is exactly what we train to do.”

American Airlines crew, AV Flight employees, staff with the Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corp., and the city’s Visitors Center, Public Affairs Department and Air Center staff all pitched in to help, including providing doughnuts, cookies, coffee, pizza, water and beverages.

The situation was caused by a faulty sensor, and no injuries or difficulties to passengers or crew were reported, American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein said.