• A passenger plane lit up night sky over Brisbane as it shot flames out an engine 
  • The Nauru Airlines plane with 48 people onboard touched down safely on Friday 
  • A spokesperson said while the scene was dramatic there was never any danger 
  • A compressor stall in the engine caused flames to be visible


A commercial passenger plane has made an dramatic landing with fire shooting out of an engine as shocked residents below watched the flaming aircraft light up the night sky.

The 48 passengers on board the Nauru Airlines Boeing 737 on Friday evening walked off the plane unharmed after it landed safely at Brisbane International Airport. 

Footage taken from inside the plane through a cabin window showed the fireballs coming out of the engine. 

Witnesses below rushed outside to watch the plane as it streaked across the sky – though airline officials say there was never any danger. 

Nauru Airline’s CEO Geoff Bowmaker said while the sight may have been frightening, at no point was the plane actually on fire and there was no safety risk. 

‘At approximately 7.30pm, flight ON1 from Nauru experienced a compressor stall in one engine while descending to land at Brisbane International Airport,’ Mr Bowmaker said.

‘The pilots followed normal practise, which was to land under normal power and standard operating procedures.’ 

He said the captain informed passengers the disruption of air through the engine could create the appearance of sparks or flames. 

‘The aircraft landed safely and taxied to the gate without incident, where its 48 passengers disembarked.’ 

The passengers reportedly remained calm throughout the incident. 

Brisbane residents said they heard loud pops as the plane passed overhead. 

Some people mistook the sound for a gunshots or a car engine backfiring. 

Brisbane Airport said they were aware of reports made to Airservices about the Nauru Airlines flight.

‘The aircraft has since landed safely without issue at Brisbane Airport. No emergency was ever declared,’ a spokesperson said. 

Coincidentally a large meteor also streaked across the Brisbane sky about the same time. 

One witness describes a ‘massive green light’ heading vertically through the sky near Stradbroke Island and thought a plane might be dumping fuel. 

Another witness caught the sight, verified as a meteor, on their dashcam.