Accident occurred in Lagos. Occupants had abrasions, according to firefighters.

By Joana Caldas and Schaina Marcon, g1 SC and NSC TV

A single-engine plane crashed in Lages , in Serra Santa Catarina, on the afternoon of this Wednesday (25). According to the Military Fire Department, two people were on the aircraft and had abrasions.

The fall occurred in the Chapada neighborhood. Police say the accident took place around 6 pm.

The co-pilot, 36 years old, told firefighters that the plane had lost power and he had to make an emergency landing in an area of ​​vegetation in a condominium. For this, he used the aircraft’s own parachute.

He and the pilot, aged 26, had minor injuries and refused assistance from the fire department.

In addition to the firefighters, the Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU), the Military Police helicopter and the military police themselves were on site.