The pilot survived with a very minor injury and was picked up by a passerby on their boat

Author: Dori Olmos

CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. — A small plane crashed into the Lake of the Ozarks Monday morning.

It happened in the southwestern portion of the lake at the 3.5 mile marker in the Little Niangua Arm, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The highway patrol described the plane as an ultralight aircraft.

The pilot heard the engine cutting out before it died just before the crash, the highway patrol told Springfield, Missouri, NBC affiliate KY3.

The pilot survived with a very minor injury to his face from the sunglasses he was wearing, likely caused by the impact of his plane hitting the water, KY3 reported.

He was able to get out of the plane and was picked up by someone in a boat passing by.

The plane sunk into the lake.

Highway patrol troopers took the pilot back out to the area where the plane crashed and used sonar to spot where the plane sunk. A photo shared by the highway patrol shows the sonar image and an outline of the plane underwater; part of one of the wings was broken and became separated from the plane.

Crews plan to haul out the sunken plane later this week.