Patients alive, being treated by first responders


A small plane crashed near the Duncan airport Sunday morning. First responders were called out just after 11 a.m.

“A light aircraft went off the end of the runway,” explained a member of the Duncan Flying Club who answered the phone at the small airport. “It looks like the airplane was coming in for a landing and skidded off the end of the runway. I can see the wheelmarks on the runway,” he added. “It looks like there were three on board and minor injuries.”

The Mooney model M20C aircraft came to rest in a gravel pit south of the airport.

Everyone on board the plane survived.

First responders say two patients complained of back pain and the third had facial lacerations. Duncan firefighters attended the scene and requested two ambulances. A third ambulance also attended, as well as multiple RCMP units.

According to a civil aviation registration search, the aircraft is registered to a private owner out of Boundary Bay Airport in Delta.