A small plane crashed in a field just east of the Stephens County Airport runway on Monday afternoon, Oct. 14, setting a grassfire that was extinguished by the Breckenridge Fire Department. According to county and city officials, there were no injuries reported in the incident, which happened at about 12:45 p.m.

Based on unofficial reports from the scene, the pilot reported that the single-engine prop plane suffered engine problems as he attempted to land at the airport. One wing clipped trees along a fence line as the plane crash landed. The plane caught on fire, and the doors of the plane were blocked.

The pilot and the only passenger aboard reportedly used the emergency exit to get out of the plane uninjured. Both the pilot and passenger are from San Angelo.

In addition to the BFD, also responding to the scene were the Breckenridge Police Department, the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, Sacred Cross EMS and the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Federal Aviation Administration is en route to the scene.

The crash is currently under investigation by the DPS.