By Mary Duan

A small plane crashed outside of Monterey Regional Airport, into a home at the Monterra development off of Highway 68 and engulfing the residence in flames. The fate of the pilot is currently unknown and it’s also unknown if any passengers were on the flight.

The home’s owners, Roger and Julie Goulart, live in the San Francisco Bay Area and use the Monterra residence as a second home. 

Reached on his cell phone, Roger Goulart, a software executive and a vice president at Coupa Software, says he was driving to the scene. Goulart’s 20-year-old daughter had been staying at the Monterra house, but wasn’t there when the crash occurred.

“I don’t know anything yet. We weren’t home,” he says. “My daughter was staying there but fortunately she wasn’t home at the time this happened.” 

Tony Trujillo, a caretaker for the Monterra association, witnessed the crash.

“I saw the plane fly very low and heard some of the trees crackling,” he says, “then the plane hit the house. Went right into the living room.” 

The plane was described as a Golden Eagle Cessna, a six- or seven-seat twin engine prop plane. The crash occurred about 10:45am on Tuesday, July 13 in the 7000 block of Monterra Ranch Road, shortly after the plane took off from Monterey Regional Airport.

“Word from our officers on scene is the plane is destroyed and the house is on fire,” says Jeff Hoyne, police chief of both Del Rey Oaks and the Monterey Regional Airport District. 

Cal Fire and Monterey firefighters were putting out the flames, which had begun to spread into the canyon below the house, after the crash.