By FOX 26 Staff and Natalie Hee

WESTON LAKES, Texas – Two people are dead after a plane crashed into a paraglider midair Tuesday morning. The FAA says it happened around 9:40 AM at the 3500 block of Bowser Road in Fulshear, TX.

The FAA says a single-engine Cessna 208 was flying from George Bush Airport to Victoria Regional Airport when the plane collided with a paraglider in midair and crashed into the ground. Two people were onboard each aircraft and died, according to Fort Bend County Pct 3 Constable Chad Norvell.

Norvell said the paraglider’s body was found in the Weston Lakes neighborhood and deputies later discovered part of the man’s equipment nearly 10 miles away in the town of Orchard.

Norvell adds that investigators have not yet retrieved the pilot’s body from the wreckage.

Officials have not released the identities of either victim.

Wyatt Scott was driving his car to work at the Brazos River Sportman’s Club when he witnessed the plane nosedive to the ground right in front of him.

“I should’ve died. I honestly should’ve died because I was 20 feet away. If I had left the house any later, I would’ve been dead,” Scott said.

Scott said he was shaken up and called police but did not approach the plane after it crashed.

“I was afraid it was going to blow up. There was no smoke from it and it didn’t look like there was any gas leak, but it was terrifying,” Scott said.

Lee John Bentley owns the 200-acre property that’s now riddled with debris.

“The plane almost hit two employees, then it went 30 feet up when it impacted the ground.

“I could hear a low-flying plane coming over and the motor and then boom, I heard the crash. I was probably half a mile away. There’s hardly nothing left. It’s completely destroyed,” Bentley said.

Officials have not clarified where exactly the paraglider could’ve flown from.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating the crash.