by Dave Bondy

FLINT, Mich- First responders are on the scene of an incident with a single-engine plane at Flint Bishop Airport.

Airport spokesperson Pat Corfman tells Mid-Michigan NOW, a privately owned Piper Cherokee made a hard landing this morning after running out of fuel.

According to Corfman, the pilot and his father took off from runway 3-6 around 9:15 a.m. Shortly after the takeoff engine sputter, the pilot realized he had not switched from one fuel tank to another.

The plane was about 15 feet off the ground when the pilot realized the error. He quickly turned around, put down his landing gear. The plane dropped to the ground near the AvStart building on runway Charlie.

Corfman says neither man was injured, and the investigation continues.

All commercial flights are operating as scheduled, and Bishop Airport is open for business.