Editors Note; Long time members of the ARFF Working Group will remember Karl, but for those who may not recognize him, ARFFWG Legend Jack Kreckie provided us with the following information… “Karl Beeman served on the ARFFWG Board of Directors as a sustaining g member from Globe Fire Suits. He and his wife Benita were very active in helping during our conferences. While serving on the Board, Karl’s National Guard Unit was deployed. While Karl was in Serbia, we stayed in touch through AOL. Karl helped shape this organization with his keen business sense and high moral compass. If it is within your means, please consider a contribution.”

In December 2019, My uncle Karl was diagnosed with Gastric Cancer (Signet Ring Cell). For those of you that don’t know him, know that he is an EXTRAORDINARY human being. He is loving, caring, smart, cheerful, unbelievably strong and always puts his family and friends first. He is a retired Air Force Reserve and Firefighter.

Due to his illness, he is unable to hold his full time position as an instructor for OSHA and PPE for Firefighters. Considering how dedicated he is to his position, this is a very trying time for him. All of the copays on his million dollar and rising medical bills are not covered by insurance. Karl has gone from 190 lbs down to 137 lbs due to the chemo and the radiation including liver issues.

Karl has a heart of gold and would do anything to help out any one of us in our time of need. So I’m asking at this vulnerable time in his life that we rally behind him as he continues on his fight. Every penny and every prayer counts. A little goes a long way and can help alleviate the stress of monetary issues.