By Maxime Dumoulin with François Braibant and C. Adam

In Waremme, a piece of plane fell last night on the roof of the garage of a house, before ending up in the garden. It is more precisely the cover of a Boeing 747-400 engine. The pictures are impressive.

This engine cowling belongs to an Air Atlanta aircraft. The Boeing left Liège this Friday at midnight to go to Malta.

The pieces that fell in the garden of the house were removed this morning by the firefighters of the Waremme area, then recovered by the airport authorities for investigation. The plane in question is now stuck in Malta pending repair.

The fear of our life

Following the impact, the garage roof of Louis Demaret and his wife, Domenica, was heavily damaged. The tiles are broken, as is the frame, which needs to be redone. The Demaret spouses evoke “the fear of their lives”, especially since their grandson was sleeping upstairs at the time of the events.

“At one point, I heard the sound of a plane, followed by a boom,” explains Domenica. “So I went out, I looked at the front door, the alarm started ringing because the house still vibrated. I went out behind…I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t I haven’t slept all night, I was asking myself a lot of questions. In the morning, it was the neighbor who was looking out of his window who came to ring and said to me: did you see the wreckage in your garden? We stayed speechless. Me in tears, trembling, we wondered what was happening to us. It’s a fright. And the boom, I’ll remember it all my life.”

A frightening boom… it must be said that the piece of plane which hit the roof is enormous: “For me, it is at least two meters by three meters” assesses Louis Demaret, who considers he was lucky: ” I had a narrow escape… if it falls and it pierces the roof of the house, I’m in my room, and I have it in my bed…”