The transport prosecutor’s office is already investigating the incident.

The plane of the Pobeda airline was unable to take off from Perm to Moscow at Sheremetyevo Airport. As ” Moskovsky Komsomolets ” writes, the plane following flight 6512 got stuck in a snowdrift at the Perm airport.

Eyewitnesses told the publication that the departure of the plane, scheduled for 06:00 on January 8, was postponed for an hour due to weather conditions, but it did not take place: the plane got stuck in a snowdrift. Passengers had to wait until the plane was dug up. After that, they were taken into the room. A video posted on the Baza telegram channel shows passengers leaving the plane.

The Perm airport commented on the incident:

— The incident occurred on Sunday morning, January 8 , Boeing 737-800 flight DR 6512 , following the route Perm — Moscow, rolled out of the runway at the start of the run, — written in the telegram channel of the Perm airport. – None of the 183 passengers or crew members were injured, the plane itself was also not damaged. The passengers were taken to the airport terminal. The board is currently being evacuated from the runway to the aircraft parking lot. Bolshoye Savino Airport is closed for receiving and departing flights until the runway is released. The reasons for the incident are being established.

According to a 59.RU source, there is now an order to close the airport until 18:00 on January 8 .

The transport prosecutor arrived at the scene. The Telegram channel of the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office writes that the incident occurred at 07:20 local time. The aircraft skidded off the runway with its front landing gear onto the adjoining part of the airfield. Passengers were evacuated, and the Perm transport prosecutor’s office began to check the incident. On board the plane, the prosecutor’s office clarifies, among the 183 people there were 7 children, one of whom is disabled, and 6 crew members.

“The Perm Transport Prosecutor’s Office organized an audit of the implementation of legislation on flight safety and protection of the rights of passengers,” writes the telegram channel of the Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office.

Now, judging by the airport board, the departure of five flights is delayed: to Mineralnye Vody, to St. Petersburg, Moscow and two to Sochi.

UPD: around 12:00 on January 8, it became known that the Perm airport had resumed work.