Bangkok-Moscow plane makes emergency landing in Uzbekistan

The plane of the Bangkok-Moscow flight made an emergency landing in Samarkand due to a deterioration in the health of a pregnant passenger and a fight on board. This was reported on January 12 by a source of Izvestia.

The crew decided to land at the nearest airport. Now the police are dealing with the brawlers, and the pregnant woman is being provided with medical assistance.

According to the source, after landing, the aircraft was also found to have a technical malfunction. According to eyewitnesses, the skin could be damaged at the side.

At the same time, as an eyewitness said, the crew decided to make an emergency landing due to the fact that a pregnant woman was injured during a fight on board the aircraft. A woman in the sixth month of pregnancy began premature contractions. It is known that one of the flight attendants of the aircraft was also injured during the fight.

An emergency landing was made at the Samarkand airport at 17:52 local time (15:52 Moscow time), there were 364 passengers on board. According to the source, the passengers will be delivered to Moscow by two reserve planes of smaller capacity or by the next regular flight from Samarkand to Sheremetyevo.

Earlier, on September 20, 2022, a passenger on a plane en route from Peshevar (Pakistan) to Dubai smashed a window and got into a fight with flight attendants during the flight. It was reported that one of the passengers, who suffers from mental health problems, went berserk and started pounding and kicking adjacent chairs. During the tantrum, the man broke the window glass, which caused mass panic among fellow travelers.