By Krista Kaaver

Flight FT 8901, which took off from Tallinn to Hurghada this morning, made an emergency landing in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, after two hours.

Flightradar’s website shows that the plane made a few circles over Warsaw before landing. The wheels finally touched down at 5:42 AM.

A passenger on the flight commented to Delfi Ärilehe that the pressure in the plane suddenly dropped and the oxygen masks fell from the luggage rack – so that the passengers could use them in case of shortness of breath. The plane then began a rapid descent.

According to Nika Kalinichenko, representative of the Ukrainian airline, the SkyUp plane UR-SQP made an emergency landing due to a failure of the automatic mode of the pressurization system. Oxygen masks were also made available for passenger safety.

“All the passengers were accommodated in a hotel and given food. The circumstances and causes of the situation will be determined in accordance with the airline and aviation regulations,” Kalinichenko added.

Passengers are expected to arrive in Egypt this evening. The second SkyUp flight leaves Warsaw at 18:45 local time.