The crash was reported Thursday morning near 22nd Avenue and Dove Valley Road. No injuries were reported.

Author: Kevin Reagan, Colleen Sikora

PHOENIX — A hot air balloon crashed Thursday morning near a residence in north Phoenix, officials said. 

The Phoenix Fire Department responded shortly after 9 a.m. to the area of 22nd Avenue and Dove Valley Road for reports of a crash involving a hot air balloon.

Sky12 footage shows the balloon landing in an area between the sidewalk and a residential home.

Kara Giugliano, who lives in the home near where the balloon landed, watched as it came down, noticing it was much closer than other hot air balloons she typically sees. 

Footage captured by Giugliano shows the light pole piercing the balloon itself. 

“Once I saw the basket was fine, cause that’s what I was concerned about, they were so low so that was good. But once the basket came down then I was like, ‘okay where is this balloon going?'” Giugliano said. 

The balloon folded down onto Giugliano’s home. 

“It was like a termite tent. Like it just came on top of the roof and it just covered this whole patio,” Giugliano said. 

Hot Air Expeditions pilot Mike England was the pilot on board the balloon Thursday morning. He said the wind shifted, which forced him to land the balloon in a different spot than originally intended. England said he was aiming for the empty dirt lot just to the west of the landing spot. 

“We intended to be out here landing, just sliding on the ground here, away from the poles and houses. And this was a good spot to be in,” England said. “You can see it’s a large lot of nothing.” 

A total of nine people, including the pilot, were in the balloon’s basket. No injuries were reported.

Donna Meeusen, a passenger on board, said England did the best he could under the circumstances. 

“It was very smooth except for that the wind just kept taking us,” Meeusen said. 

A nearby street light was damaged by the balloon and SRP officials are on scene to de-energize the pole. The Federal Aviation Administration has been notified about the incident.