Monday, 16th of February, 1998

– Taiwan

China Airlines Flight 676, an international scheduled passenger flight from Denpasar-Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport (DPS/WADD), Indonesia, to Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (TPE/RCTP), Taiwan, operated with an Airbus A300B4-622R, registration B-1814, crashed into several houses and terrain while on approach to Taipei-Chiang Kai Shek International Airport (TPE/RCTP), Taiwan.

The aircraft was completely destroyed. The fourteen crew members, 182 passengers and seven people on the ground perished. (203 fatalities)

The crash of Flight 676 is the deadliest aviation accident on Taiwanese soil. It is also the fifth worst accident involving the Airbus A300.

– Details:

China Airlines flight 676 was destroyed when it stalled and impacted a residential area of Taipei during an attempted go around at Chiang Kai Shek Airport. All 196 on board and seven persons on the ground were killed.

The aircraft, an Airbus A300B4-622R, originated from Denpasar Airport, Indonesia and was bound for Taipei. The flight was cleared for an ILS/DME runway 05L approach to Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Airport in light rain and fog. The aircraft remained high on the approach. At 1,2nm short of the threshold, the altitude was 1515 feet, whereas it should have been at 500 feet at that point.

The flight crew selected full flaps. At 20:04:50 hours local time the autopilot was disconnected. Subsequently, as the aircraft crossed the runway threshold at 1475 feet, go around thrust was applied.

The aircraft rapidly pitched up, reaching +35° as it climbed trough 1723 feet at an airspeed of 134 knots. The gear had just been raised and the flaps set to 20 degrees.

At 20:05:16 the aircraft had reached 2327 feet at a +42.7° pitch. Nine seconds later the speed had fallen to 43 knots as the aircraft stalled. The aircraft nosed down with a 79° left bank. The flight crew was not able to regain control and the aircraft impacted the ground left of the runway. It hit a utility pole and a highway median and then skidded into several houses, surrounded by fish farms, rice paddies, factories and warehouses. A fire erupted.

Visibility at the time of the accident was 2400 feet, the runway 05L RVR (runway visual range) was 3900 feet, 300 feet broken ceiling, 3000 feet overcast.

– Cause:

“PROBABLE CAUSE: “The investigation team determined that the the following factors combination caused the accident:

1. during all the descent and the approach, the aircraft was higher than the normal path;

2. the crew coordination between the captain and the first officer was inadequate.

3. during 12 seconds, the crew did not counteract the pitch up tendency due to the thrust increase after go around, and then the reaction of the crew was not sufficient.

As a consequence the pitch up increased until the aircraft stalled.”

– Photos via AP Archive

– CVR Transcript:

12:04:26 TWR Clear to land. Wind 360 at 3, clear to land.

12:04:29 F/O Roger, clear to land, Dynasty 676.

12:04:34 F/O OK. Glide Slope blue. Localiser green.

12:04:42 Capt 1000 feet higher.

12:04:52 Capt Come on, 1000!

12:04:56 Capt OK. 30/40.

12:04:57 F/O 30/40.

12:05:02 F/O Landing gear, down, three green.

12:05:04 F/O Anti-skid, normal and eight released.

12:05:06 F/O Slat/Flap, 30/40.

12:05:07 F/O Spoiler.

12:05:09 F/O Armed.

12:05:10 F/O Landing light, on.

12:05:12 F/O Landing check list complete.

12:05:14 Capt Go lever, Go Around.

12:05:15 F/O Go Around, Go level.

12:05:17 Capt Yes. Go!

12:05:19 Capt Positive, gears up!

12:05:20 Capt Gear Up!

12:05:22 F/O Heading Select, flaps.

12:05:26 F/O Plus 10

12:05:27 CAM Don, Don …

12:05:29 Capt Latch.

12:05:32 CAM Don,

12:05:33 CAM Du

12:05:34 CAM Wu … .

12:05:36 CAM Wu Lu … …

12:05:37 CAM Wu Lu … ., D-ling

12:05:38 CAM D-ling.

12:05:40 Capt OK

12:05:42 CAM Don

12:05:43 CAM Don

12:05:44 CAM Don

12:05:45 Capt OH! My God!

12:05:46 TWR Dynasty 676, confirm go around?

12:05:47 CAM Du …

12:05:49 GPWS Terrain.

12:05:50 CAL 676 (F/O) Confirm go around!

12:05:52 F/O Pull it up, too low!

12:05:53 GPWS Whoop, Whoop, Pull up, Da La, Da La, Da La.

12:05:55 GPWS Whoop Whoop Da La, Pull Up.

12:05:57 GPWS Whoop. Whoop, Pull

12:05:58 CAM Da La.

End of Recording