Thursday, 4th of January, 1990

– United States of America  “Oh Sh*t”

Northwest Airlines Flight 5, a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Tampa International Airport (TPA/KTPA), Florida, to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP/KMSP), Minnesota, operated with a Boeing 727-251, registration N280US, experienced an engine failure and separation while flying over Madison, Florida.

The airplane landed at the departure airport without incident. The six crew members and 139 passengers were not injured. (145 survivors)

– Details:

While cruising at FL350 the crew heard a bang and noted the loss of no 3 engine power. A safe emergency landing was carried out at Tampa International Airport, FL (TPA). It appeared that the forward lavatory external seal was missing the safety button and the internal seal was improperly installed allowing for leakage when the airplane was pressurized. Frozen chunks of lavatory fluid had been ingested by the no. 3 engine, causing it to separate from the fuselage.

– Cause:

“The failure of company service personnel to properly service the airplane forward lavatory.”

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