Monday, 18th of January, 1988

– Turkmenistan

Aeroflot Flight 699, a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Moskva-Domodedovo Airport (DME/UUDD), Russia, to Krasnovodsk Airport (KRW/UTAK), Turkmenistan, operated with a Tupolev Tu-154B-1, registration CCCP-85254, landed hard with a force of -4.8 g at Krasnovodsk Airport (KRW/UTAK), Turkmenistan.

Eleven passengers from the 137 onboard were fatally injured. The crew of eleven and the remaining 126 passengers survived. (11 fatalities, 135 survivors)

– Details:

Heavy landing with a force of -4.8 g. The tail section separated from the main fuselage at about fuselage frames 49-54. Also, the front section of the fuselage broke around fuselage frames 12-14.

– Cause: “The approach and landing were carried out by the co-pilot (against regulations under conditions).”