Monday, 18th of January, 1988
– China 
China Southwest Airlines Flight 4146, a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Beijing-Capital International Airport (PEK/ZBAA), to Chongqing Baishiyi Airport, China, operated with an Ilyushin Il-18D, registration B-222, struck a power line and impacted two farmhouses following a total loss of control due to fire approx 32 km SW of Chongqing Airport, China.
The aircraft was destroyed. The ten crew members and 98 passengers perished. (108 fatalitie
The crash of Flight 4146 is the fifth deadliest aviation accident on Chinese soil. It is also the fourth worst accident involving the Ilyushin Il-18.

– Details:
Flight 4146 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight from Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing to Chongqing Airport, Chongqing, with 98 passengers and a crew of ten on board. As Flight 4146 neared Chongqing, the aircraft’s Number Four engine (the outer engine on the right wing) caught fire. The fire burned the engine mount and the engine fell off the aircraft’s wing. This caused a loss of control. Flight 4146 hit a power line and two farmhouses before bursting into flames. Everyone on board the Ilyushin Il-18 perished in the crash. The occupants consisted of 104 Chinese, three Japanese, and one Briton.

– Cause:
“The engine fire was the result of an oil leak. The engine was shut down and its propeller feathered due to severe vibrations. However, The no. 4 engine right starter generator became so hot that the feathering oil tube was burnt. The oil tube burst upon feathering of the prop and the engine caught fire. The pylon burned and the engine separated. Severe vibrations caused the no. 1 prop to feather. The Il-18 lost control and crashed.”