Friday, 15th of March, 1974

– Iran

Sterling Airways Flight 901, an international scheduled passenger flight from Tehran-Mehrabad Airport (THR/OIII), Iran, to København-Kastrup Airport (CPH/EKCH), Denmark, operated with a Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle 10B3, registration OY-STK, experienced a landing gear collapse and fire during taxi at Tehran-Mehrabad Airport (THR/OIII), Iran.

The aircraft was destroyed. Fifteen passengers from the 92 were fatally injured. The remaining four crew members and passengers survived. (15 fatalities, 81 survivors)

The accident involving Flight 901 is the 21st worst accident involving the Caravelle.

– Details:

The Caravelle was backtracking runway 29L when the crew were asked to expedite taxiing and clear the runway on the run-up area because of traffic on finals. While initiating a left turn at the end of the runway the right main gear collapsed. The right wing fuel tank ruptured and the escaping fuel ignited while the Caravelle slid for 90 m before coming to rest.

Evacuation of the aircraft was carried out through exits on the left side of the aircraft.

– Cause:

“The right main landing gear failed as a result of the propagation of fatigue cracks in the lower right hand candelabre of RIB 44.