Tuesday, 19th of January, 1960

– Turkey

Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 871, an international scheduled passenger flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Cairo, Egypt, with 4 stopovers, operated with a Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle I, registration OY-KRB, crashed into a hill while on approach approx ca 10 km SW of Ankara-Esenboga Airport (ESB/LTAC), Turkey.

The aircraft was destroyed. The seven crew members and 35 passengers perished. (42 fatalities)

The crash of Flight 871 is the ninth deadliest aviation accident on Turkish soil. It is also the 13th worst accident involving the Caravelle.

– Details:

SAS Flight SK871 to Ankara (ESB) was uneventful until the approach. The flight was taken over by Ankara Control at reporting point Göynük, at 18:26 UTC. The aircraft arrived over Ankara range station at 18:41 at FL135 descending to FL120 in accordance with the clearance given. It changed over to the tower frequency and received further let-down and approach instructions. The crew acknowledged receipt of the instructions and the flight reported Ankara range station inbound at 18:45 at an altitude of 6500 feet descending.

At 18:47 the aircraft struck the ground at an elevation of 3500 feet (1067 m), between Ankara range and the Airport. Apparently, after reporting it continued on a heading of 031 degrees, descending to the impact point.

– Cause:

“The accident occurred because of an unintentional descent below the authorized minimum flight altitude during final approach to Esenboga Airport. The reason for this descent could not be ascertained due to lack of conclusive evidence.”