A helicopter, believed to be the US military, has crashed into a field in Mendon, Monroe County, New York. Several fire crews and first responders have been dispatched to the incident

By Lottie O’Neill

Three people have died after a US military helicopter has crashed into a field in Mendon, New York, local media has reported.

It’s reported that the crash has sparked a large grass fire and emergency services are scrambling to the scene.

It’s believed the chopper is still ablaze and there is no news on whether there are any more injuries.

Eyewitnesses claim military personnel and vehicles are at the scene.

The incident took place in a field on Bloomfield Road alongside Cheese Factory Road in the city of Rochester, shortly after 7pm local time (12am GMT).

Several fire departments, state police and MCSO officers remain at the crash.

The road and area has been completely blocked off, according to local reporters.

Large flames can still be seen with thick black smoke billowing into the air.

Multiple emergency services have been dispatched to the scene to respond to the serious incident.

Witnesses say the chopper was seen low to the ground and the call came in just after 6.30pm (11.30pm GMT), according to News 8.