British Airways Flight 2276

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British Airways Flight 2276 was a scheduled international passenger service from Las Vegas to London. On 8 September 2015, the Boeing 777-200ER operating the flight suffered an uncontained engine failure and fire in the left (#1GE90 engine during take-off from Las Vegas-McCarran International Airport, prompting an aborted take-off and the evacuation of all passengers and crew. All 170 people on board survived, but 20 were injured.

The aircraft, which suffered moderate damage to a section of its forward fuselage as of a result of the vigorous fire, was repaired and returned to commercial passenger service in March 2016. The fire was caused by metal fatigue in a compressor disk, leading to detachment of the main fuel supply line.


The aircraft left Terminal 3, Gate E3, at 15:53 local time, and began its take-off from Runway 07L at 16:12 where the incident occurred.

After noticing what the pilot later described as a “catastrophic failure of the engine”well before take-off speed, the flight crew aborted the take-off by using the aircraft’s brakes and ordered an evacuation of the aircraft.[6] All 170 passengers and crew escaped. Nineteen people sustained minor injuries and one person sustained serious injuries.The aircraft is thought to have reached a speed of approximately 90 miles per hour (78 kn; 140 km/h) when the decision to abort was made;far below the takeoff decision speed of the aircraft, which would have been at least 139 miles per hour (121 kn; 224 km/h).

The airport’s emergency services extinguished the fire within five minutes of the mayday call. Fourteen people were lightly injured, mostly from sliding down the escape chutes, and treated at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center. The fire caused a large hole in the cargo hold and damage to the engine.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) indicated the fire was caused by failure of the left General Electric GE90 engine, one of two fitted on the aircraft, The aircraft came to a halt upwind, causing the fire to be blown towards the fuselage; the aircraft sustained localised, but major, structural damage as a result. The aircraft was equipped with suppression systems, though the systems did not extinguish the fire.

The runway, one of four, was closed, and several inbound flights were cancelled.

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