It’s been a long, crazy week. We close it with these articles…

Of note, there have been two major air traffic control towers closed down this week due to the virus. I would imagine that your department has a plan and procedures in place for when this happens. Maybe it would be a good idea to go over that plan and refresh yourselves with what to do when there is nobody in the tower. How will you get your runs from FAA personnel at Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC’s), airline dispatchers or operations centers etc? With the closure of the ATCT is there a frequency change or does the normally assigned tower frequency become a “Unicom” or “CTAF” while not manned? What about ground frequencies? How about transiting the AOA if you’re used to having constant contact with a controller? How about that DEF you may have assigned at your airport? Lots to consider with the loss of that ATCT and the controllers in it, make sure you know your procedures if it happens at your airport!

Have a safe and healthy weekend!