We start the new week with the following stories…

Of note, once again one of our own is in need of help. ARFF Working Group Legends Bill Hutfilz, Jack Kreckie, Bob Relyea and Paul Looney have brought to my attention that retired USAF firefighter Karl Beeman, friend to many in the ARFF community, is currently in the fight of his life against cancer and that a GoFundMe page has been established to help alleviate some of the financial burdens on Karl and his family. As Jack Kreckie writes, “Karl Beeman served on the ARFFWG Board of Directors as a sustaining member from Globe Fire Suits. He and his wife Benita were very active in helping during our conferences. While serving on the Board, Karl’s National Guard Unit was deployed. While Karl was in Serbia, we stayed in touch through AOL. Karl helped shape this organization with his keen business sense and high moral compass. If it is within your means, please consider a contribution.”

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