Of note, an article from the Independent Pilots Association announcing that UPS Captain Jess Grigg is stepping down from his position as Chairman of their ARFF Committee, a role he held for 14 years.

As a retired ARFF Training Instructor, I applaud and thank Jess for all he has done to make ARFF personnel smarter, and therefore safer in their profession. We share the same belief that the better the training, the better the chance of going home to your family after your shift.

As a friend, I thank him for his friendship, for his conversations and advice not only in ARFF related matters but personal issues as well. I wish Jess all the best as he continues to poke holes through the air in his UPS Airbus A-300 and as he moves forward with his future endeavors.

Congratulations also to Eric McClish who will be stepping into the position of Chairman of the IPA ARFF Committee.

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Be safe out there!