Here are your stories for today…

On a personal note, 42 years ago today was my introduction to aircraft rescue and firefighting. I was a volunteer firefighter at the time, not even remotely close to my department, when I saw a large column of black smoke. I was driving about two miles east of O’Hare and had no clue what was happening when I started heading towards that smoke. As I got close, the radio news started announcing the reports of a plane crash at O’Hare. Long story short, I arrived on the scene, grabbed my gear and ended up working at the site for about 6 hours assisting with numerous tasks.

Ironically, about 36 years later I retired from the Chicago Fire Department where I ended my career overseeing ARFF training and operations at the Regional ARFF Training Facility at KORD.

In the 42 years since that day, I’ve been to numerous serious aircraft accidents/crashes, but nothing like what happened on the 25th of May, 1979, sights and smells that will never be forgotten….

Be safe out there!