It’s been a great few days surrounded by ARFF professionals. Of note, yesterday afternoon’s “Top Turret” presentation by Jim Nilo, owner of JRN Consulting, who provided one of the more memorable entrances and presentations in ARFFWG history. “His fitness report says it all. Flies by the seat of his pants, totally unpredictable.”

Day three of the 2023 ARFF Training Alliance ARFF Leadership Symposium and the rundown for today consists of:

  • Innovative Solutions for Mitigating Mass Casualty Incidents – Dr. Joe Ferko, Owner and CEO – EMS Innovations  
  • Your FAA ARFF Inspection:  No Need for Fear and Loathing – Jim Price, Cert Inspector – Federal Aviation Administration
  • Airport Transition to Fluorine Free Foam – Pat Dixon – Perimeter Solutions
  • Airshow Incident Management – Mike Gill, Fire Chief – Millington Memphis Airport ARFF
  • Onsite Treatment and Discharge of PFAS Impacted Water from AFFF System Transition and Release – Patrick McKeown (ECT2) and Dr Steve Pepper (HCET)
  • Closing Remarks Here are the stories for today…

Now here are the stories for today…

Be safe out there!