By Simon Hradecky

A Transcarga International Airlines Airbus A300-B4 freighter, registration YV560T performing flight T9-1527 from Bogota (Colombia) to Caracas (Venezuela), was accelerating for takeoff from Bogota’s runway 31L when a loud explosion could be heard far into the surrounding city, a large metallic piece landed on the roads of Bogota at the crossing of Calle 63 and Carrera 103 missing a motorcycle driver by about 10 meters. The crew rejected takeoff due to the failure of the left hand engine (CF6) and brought the aircraft to a safe standstill. There were no injuries.

Colombia’s GRIAA reported they have opened an investigation to determine the causes of and damage caused by the occurrence, when parts of the left engine of the A300 registration YV560T were ejected. The aircraft had just begun its takeoff run at 00:30L (05:30Z) when the crew rejected takeoff due to the failure of the left hand engine. Initial investigation by the investigators dispatched on site verified that a rotor disc had been ejected, impacted one of the runway safety meshes and subsequently collided with the door of a workshop located in an area surrounding the airport. There were no injuries.