By: xeva News Writing

This Monday a plane from the airline Viva Aerobus suffered a mishap after taking off from the International Airport of the City of Villahermosa.

Viva Aerobus flight 1281 bound for Mexico City took off at 10 in the morning and already in the air, around 10:09 a.m., “a blow was felt,” user Berzy Magaña narrated on Facebook.

According to the report, a bird embedded itself in the first engine, which caused damage to the operation of the aircraft.

‘Everything we lived through was horrible… I said we’ve come this far… but no! Thanks to God and the Captain who are trained for these emergencies, we hit the ground again… thank God,’ said the user, who was traveling with her husband and son to CDMX.

After what happened, the plane had to return to the Villahermosa Airport, where the passengers on board were evicted.

Users of the airline Viva Aerobus report that some suffered nervous breakdowns. And they hope that the airline will have another plane to resume the trip to Mexico City.

At the moment, neither the airline nor the airport administration have commented on the matter.