CRJ-200LR registration XA-MCE of the Mexican freighter TUM AeroCarga suffered a runway excursion at the Hermosillo International Airport, Mexico (HMO), during landing on runway 05. Until the time of writing this note, the airline has not declared its official version.

As a result of the incident on Friday, January 21, the airport was closed for 2 hours according to information from the local media. The emergency teams and firefighters supported the crew and the trailer of the plane that was left next to runway 05. The aircraft has already been removed.

At the time of landing, the METAR indicated the following:

MMHO 211740Z 05006KT 10SM SKC 23/M02 A3003 RMK SLP169 52004 983HZY

It could be ruled out that the excursion was treated due to weather conditions, wind and/or gusts, which could have affected the landing. However, some versions suggest that it was a “malfunction” with the landing gear. The photographs confirm that the plane did not suffer any damage during the runway excursion, but it could have been a failure of the plane’s brakes.

As data, the plane this CRJ-200ERPF registration XA-MCE, was acquired by the airline TUM AeroCargo in 2018 and is equipped with two General Electric CF34 engines. It was grounded in December 2020, and was recently brought back into operations. The aircraft was previously used by Atlantic Southeast Airlines and Expressjet airlines. It has an operational life of 25 years.