SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – We are expanding this report after learning about a second emergency landing in Robertson County on Friday.

On Tuesday, a small aircraft crashed on take-off just outside the Robertson County Airport.

According to the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, the crash occurred just after 8 am.

Officials tell Smokey Barn News that, after refueling, the aircraft (an AUTOGYRO gyrocopter) in a Northerly takeoff with one passenger on board, seemed to lack sufficient airspeed for flight causing the small two-seater aircraft to crash or hard land at the end of the runway just outside the airport fence.

The aircraft set down feet from Hwy 41 N. The FAA is investigating the crash. The Robertson County Emergency Management Agency is asking the public to stay clear of the wreckage.

The Nashville based pilot, known to frequent the Springfield/Robertson hub, was not injured in the crash. A single passenger was also uninjured.

The pilot of the downed aircraft was picked up at the scene by another helicopter, officials said.


The second (or technically the first crash/forced emergency landing) occurred back on Friday when another aircraft (a PA-24-400 Piper Comanche) lost engine power and had to make an emergency landing in a bean field off Dortch Rd near Glen Raven. MAP

According to the Roberson County Emergency Management Agency, the accident occurred just before 5 pm Friday afternoon when the engine lost power and oil sprayed out forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing.

Like the first incident, the pilot was able to successfully land the craft without injury to the pilot or passenger.