By Ngoc Tan

The collision occurred during the process of pulling the aircraft from the apron to the take-off position.

According to Zing ‘s source , on the morning of November 2, two Bamboo Airways A321 aircraft collided at the new apron area of ​​Noi Bai airport.

At that time, one of the two planes was being pushed by a specialized vehicle from the parking lot to the taxiway to prepare for take-off. The tail wing of this plane hit the cockpit of another parked behind.

Talking to Zing on the morning of November 2, a representative of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said that the Department had made a record, suspended two aircraft and related individuals, and set up an investigation team to clarify the incident.

The initial information the Department understood was that the specialized vehicle part to pull and push the aircraft did not work properly, leading to a slight collision.

According to the Annex on classification of aviation incidents issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, the severity of this incident is enough to be classified as Level B (Severe Incident) due to the situation of “aircraft collision with or collide with vehicles, ground equipment, or obstacles, but not an accident.”

The case of an Aircraft Accident (Level A) is defined when the aircraft or its structure is damaged, adversely affecting the durability of the structure, the aircraft’s flight performance, leading to major repair or replacement. replacement of a damaged part, other than failure or failure of an aircraft engine affecting only the engine, casing or equipment, or failure affecting only propellers, wingtips, antennas, tires, brakes, aerodynamic shape parts or just dents, small holes in the airframe.