Investigators looking into details behind the tragedy that was horrifyingly caught on tape.

By Plane & Pilot 

Warning: The video shown below is graphic.

The Cessna 206 that crashed into ocean waters a few hundred yards off the shore from Cancun, Mexico, was taking part in a gender reveal party. The crash killed both occupants of the plane, which reportedly had been rented for the event. The big Cessna single-engine six-seater was also said to have been towing a banner announcing the gender of the child. The party was one of a growing number of such events, several of which, like this banner towing gone wrong, have turned deadly.

In 2019 a pipe bomb that was somehow part of a gender reveal party (we’re baffled here, too) killed an Iowa woman. In 2017, a border patrol agent ignited a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona while setting off an explosion announcing his child’s gender. Recently, a malfunctioning smoke generator at a gender reveal party in Southern California caused a blaze that blackened more than 20,000 acres and forced the evacuation of thousands of residents. A firefighter was killed while battling the blaze.

It’s not clear in the video what happened to cause the crash, but it is painfully obvious that the plane was unrecoverably out of control seconds after it passed over the top of the video shooter in what looks to be a somewhat steeply banked turn. Investigators will likely be looking to see if the pilot got too slow in that turn, causing the loss of control and subsequent fatal crash into the water.