According to the Fire Department, the aircraft was carrying paratroopers and, at the time of landing, 16 people were on board. Cause of the accident is unknown.

By Júlia Nunes and Rafaela Zem, g1 Itapetininga e Região

Two people died and at least seven were rescued in serious condition after an aircraft used for parachute jumps made an emergency landing early this Wednesday afternoon (11) in rural Boituva , in the interior of São Paulo.

According to the Association of Parachutists of Boituva , at the time of landing, 16 people were on board the aircraft, 12 of which were taken to hospitals in the region and two of them died. Four people did not need medical attention.

The passengers who died were identified as André Luiz Warwar, 53, and Wilson José Romão Júnior, 38 .

André was an employee in the technology area at Globo and directed films. He was also an experienced skydiver. In 2017, he released his first feature film, the film “Crime da Gávea”.

The association reported that the aircraft took off with athletes from the National Parachuting Center (CNP), but had an electrical failure and the pilot had to make a forced landing.

The CNP is a space with 99 thousand square meters that promotes approximately 20 thousand jumps per month. The president of the center regretted the accident (read more below) .

According to the City Hall of Boituva , it is the place where the most parachute jumps in the world , between tourist and professional jumps, with about 120 takeoffs daily.

The accident took place around 12:20 pm. Teams from the Military Police, firefighters and the city hall were at the scene.

The city government informed that, at first, all victims were rescued still alive and taken to São Luiz Municipal Hospital. The Military Police called in reinforcements from Campinas and São Paulo, including the Águia helicopter, to help with the rescue.

What does the FAB say?

In a note, the Brazilian Air Force ( FAB ) reported that investigators from the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (CENIPA) were called to carry out the initial action of the occurrence in Boituva .

According to the FAB , in the initial action, “specific techniques are used, conducted by qualified and accredited personnel, who carry out the collection and confirmation of data, the preservation of evidence, the initial verification of damages caused to the aircraft, or by the aircraft, and the collection of other information necessary for the investigation process”.

The FAB stressed that the objective of the investigations carried out by CENIPA is to prevent new accidents with similar characteristics from occurring.

City Hall and CNP regret

Boituva City Hall issued a note regretting the accident. According to the municipal administration, the plane belongs to the Specialized Air Service company “Skydive4Fun”, installed at the National Parachuting Center (CNP).

The prefecture reported that vehicles from the Municipal Civil Guard (GCM), the Military Police and two Eagle helicopters provided first aid at the scene of the accident, and that servers were also at the scene to provide support.

The municipality also said that two meetings were held recently at the Boituva City Hall on the security service protocol, adoption of procedures and improvements in the management, structure and operation of activities at the CNP.

The president of the CNP stated that “he regrets and sympathizes with the family and friends of the athletes who lost their lives in this tragic accident, as well as those who suffered injuries and are under medical care”.

“The moment is one of sadness, union and solidarity. We are waiting for the investigations, so that the causes of the accident are identified”, he added in a note.