• Two passengers planes collided with each other this evening at Heathrow 
  • Incident occurred between jets while taxiing, emergency services are on scene 
  • A passenger onboard one of the planes said there was ‘no apparent danger’


Emergency services rushed onto the tarmac at Heathrow Airport after two planes crashed into each other while taxiing this evening.

Heathrow has confirmed the incident between two commercial passenger planes took place around 8pm tonight and that no injuries were reported.

A Korean Air 777 plane ‘scraped into’ an Icelandair 767 jet, an eye witness clarified that it wasn’t a ‘full on’ collision.

The Korean Air flight Flight #KE908 was due to leave London at 19:35 to Seoul, Korea.

A picture appears to show the considerable damage done to the Icelandair’s tail by the Korean Air’s wing. 

One passenger wrote on Twitter: ‘Pretty sure we scrapped another plane with our wing tip while taxiing.

‘We have been told that we are going back to the gate due to a technical issue.

‘But that was 15 mins ago and we haven’t moved.’

Another person who was also on board said there was ‘No apparent danger’ and that ‘nobody’ was hurt.

Passenger Randy DV said: ‘Flight officially cancelled, but glad everyone is safe, better that this happened in tarmac and not in flight.’

Another passenger added: ‘We hit another plane while taxiing. I saw it out the window. Wingtip scrapped the tail of another plane.’

While a third said: ‘Surrounded by about ten police cars and a couple of fire engines.

‘Apparently the plane has “a technical problem”.’

The same user added: ‘can’t say we felt anything from the inside. No apparent danger, nobody hurt’.

 A passenger on the Korean Air flight told the Daily Star: ‘I was watching out the window thinking we were awful close to the tail for a parked plane.

‘And then it looked like we grazed it.

‘The captain hasn’t really told us much except we are going back to the gate due to a technical issue.

‘But the last communication was about 45 mins ago.’

Richard on Twitter said: ‘I’m on the flight they are blocking. We were taxiing to the runway and then suddenly got stopped by all these emergency services.’

‘We are now being told we are returning to the gate due to a technical issue.’

A spokesman for Heathrow Airport said: ‘Emergency services are attending an incident involving two aircraft on the airfield.

‘No injuries have been reported but emergency services are attending to ensure all passengers and crew are safe and well.’

The incident is under investigation. Arrivals and departures at the airport have been running normally.