By Shelby Dowler

MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. (KXII) – Tony Hawkins of Madill said he was putting out hay to feed his cows Wednesday afternoon when he saw a small two seat helicopter crash land in his field a few hundred yards away, near U.S. Highway 70 and Simpson Road, west of Madill. 

“(It) looked like he was coming in pretty fast,” Hawkins said. “Next thing you know, he hit and just flipped it over on its side.”

Hawkins said he was afraid for the pilot’s life and praying he was alright.

“I was really scared for him…because I didn’t know what to expect when I got here,” Hawkins said.

Austin Hawkins said he was in Madill when he saw the fire department and sheriff’s cars drive through town.

His fiancée called him about a helicopter that crashed near where they live.

“So I drove down here and, sure enough, there was a helicopter in the pasture,” Austin Hawkins said. “I actually live right over there, so right across the field. ‘Literally crashed in the back yard’ kind of deal.”

Marshall County Emergency Manager Robert Chaney said the pilot called in the crash, saying he was not hurt and did not want an ambulance.

Two fire engines were on scene.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol investigated the crash site.

The pilot did not want to be named but said a mechanical malfunction caused his R-22 Beta II helicopter to crash.

He was flying from Ardmore to Madill.

He said he has had his pilot’s license for many years and has been in crashes before.

His training on landing safely kicked in when he discovered something was wrong with the aircraft.

The pilot said he is thankful to have walked away without injury.

“It’s just a blessing that he could walk out of it,” Tony Hawkins said. “I’m happy for him, very happy for him.”

The pilot said the FAA will contact him Thursday morning on whether to investigate the crash further.