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UPDATE 16.38. The Wizz Air company confirmed that flight W6 4692, from Suceava to Dortmund, ” while taxiing out of the parking position, collided with the right horizontal stabilizer of another WIZZ aircraft, which was parked in an adjacent position, without passengers on board”.

“All the passengers of the Suceava-Dortmund flight are unharmed and were disembarked safely. “Wizz Air is providing a replacement aircraft for the affected flight and will transport the passengers to their destination today,” the company stated.

“Wizz Air apologizes to affected passengers and assures all customers that the safety and security of its passengers, crew and aircraft remains the airline’s top priority,” company representatives said.

One of the planes, which was going to fly to Dortmund, hit with its wing the horizontal stabilizer of another Wizz Air aircraft, located on the airport platform, during ground maneuvering, according to witnesses, the quoted publication also writes.

Following the incident, the passengers of the Suceava-Dortmund flight were disembarked from the aircraft, and the flight was cancelled.