Plane came down in the area of University Boulevard and N. Econlockhatchee Trail

Thomas Mates, Digital storyteller

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A plane made an emergency landing on the road in Orange County, just west of the campus of the University of Central Florida, according to Orange County Fire Rescue.

The plane came down in the area of University Boulevard and N. Econlockhatchee Trail.

Firefighters said no one else was injured, and the pilot suffered only minor injuries and was not taken to the hospital.

A search of the plane’s tail number shows that the plane, a 1956 Cessna 182, is owned by Aerial Messages Leasing Co. in Longwood.

The president of the company, 40-year-old Remy Colin, told News 6 the plane was on a maintenance flight at the time of the hard landing, citing engine failures as the cause. Colin also said he was in the plane at the time of the crash.

“As we are driving, you see the plane coming really low down,” witness Amanda Skuban told News 6. “At first, we just thought it was, like, flying really low, and then all of a sudden, it was kind of heading toward us. At the last second, it started to move toward the other side of the road.”

“It seemed like there was a moment where it just kind of dropped a little bit more than it was coasting, you know?” another witness, Raiah Collins, said. “At first, it was coasting, then it was just down. All of the cars just stopped. And I just wanted to get the video. I started calling 911, you know, and people were getting out of their cars to go over to it.”

Investigators said there was no one other than the pilot in the plane when it went down.

In a release, the Florida Highway Patrol said the plane’s wings struck two palm trees during the landing, and the front of the plane caused minor damage to the driveway wall of a nearby home.

FHP announced that as of 9:12 p.m. Friday, the roadblock was cleared and the eastbound lanes of University Boulevard were reopened.