Please see the attached and below for the upcoming 2nd annual   “WHAT’S KILLING US?” 2023 Firefighter Health & Safety Seminar, March 20th, 2023, being held in the Greater Cincinnati Area 

A VERY Face Paced, No BS Training Day…Featuring:

Dr Lori Moore Merrell-USFA-“What’s the future of the fire service??”

Chief Frank Leeb-FDNY-“A Multi-fatal Fire with Multiple Impacts”

Dr. Rachelle Zemlok-Clinical Psychologist “The Family Challenge of Firefighters”

Dr. Denise Smith-Illinois Fire Service Institute- “Real Heart Problems…”

FF Tanner Duvall -Toledo, Ohio FD. “Is My Life Really Worth It?”

Chief Tim Sendlebach-Loveland (CO) “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”

Chief Bryan Frieders-Pres-FCSN “Who Has Cancer THIS Time?” 

Dr. Kenny Fent-CDC/NIOSH: “Fire Officers & FF’s-Your WORST Day Ever”

Director Steve Click-The Ohio Model of FF Support…And What Can Be Done In Your State

Please join us for this very relevant firefighter/fire officer program (held in the Cincinnati / Kings Island area) – you will not be dissapointed.


MONDAY MARCH 20th, 2023

0800-1700 Hours



9664 Mason-Montgomery Road (at I-71)

Deerfield Township, Mason, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati Area)


Entire Day With, Materials, Lunch & Breaks $99.00



=Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell-US Fire Administrator 

“Where we were, are and where the American Fire Service is going.”

There has never been a time more challenging to the American Fire Service. From recruitment, retention, an increase in fire deaths, new and unique fires, environmental and climate change challenges, cancer, behavioral health and the healthcare system leaning heavily on FIRE EMS, every day the strain on the fire service impacts each of you. United States Fire Adminstrator Dr Moore-Merrell will address these challenges and what her recent summit of American fire service leaders have committed to do, in addressing them. 

=Chief Frank Leeb-FDNY

“A Multi-fatal Fire That Impacted Occupants, Families & Firefighters alike”

In January 2022 the Twin Park Fire in the Bronx, NY resulted in 70 victims and tragically took the lives of 17 people, including 8 children. While Frank will discuss strategies and tactics employed at this fire, he will also discuss the “human” factor including the emotional toll on every member operating at that scene. Everyone at every rank took a piece of this tragic fire with them. You too have the potential of a large-scale incident that can produce multiple victims and quickly overwhelm and outstrip your responding resources. Preparedness at the command, tactical, task and human/emotional levels are mandatory. In your community, it is all about unending training, regional relationships and leadership. 

=Dr. Rachelle Zemlok-Clinical Psychologist, Lexipol/Cordico

“It’s a Family Affair”

A highly functioning and supported family can directly increase a firefighter’s wellness, their safety on the job, and ultimately increase their chances of completing a long successful career with your department. The opposite can also be true-with very negative results. “Dr Z” (a clinical psychologist and firefighter spouse) presents real life examples of how family support leads to an increase in an agency’s wellness and retention efforts. In her practice, she often hears about the struggles firefighter spouses face when it comes to raising a family and grappling with the unexpected ways the fire service impacts their lives. Rachelle will provide you with best practices on how departments of any size can start supporting the firefighters and the families of their department.

=Dr. Denise Smith-Illinois Fire Service Institute 

“Have A Heart…Now What Are You Going To Do With It?”

A research scientist who speaks “firefighter” because she is one, Dr. Denise Smith will focus on the relationship of cardiovascular strain associated with firefighting activity. She will help you better understand the effects of your job on your cardiovascular function and your overall body status during and after a “working” fire. As part of her presentation, she will identify your specific work performed, related heat stress, sympathetic nervous stimulation and more that is responsible for specific physiological responses to the combined stress of firefighting.

=Firefighter Tanner Duvall -Toledo, Ohio FD, w/ Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder

“Is My Life Worth It?”

Very real and very personal. This “kitchen table” discussion will focus on the behavioral health of one of our brother firefighters, the issue of suicide, and drug and alcohol abuse. While the fire service is opening its eyes on behavioral health issues, there is much more to understand and learn .This first hand and unfiltered account will help you better understand what to do-and perhaps what not to do-when you or a brother or sister on the job may be in crisis. No matter if you are a peer, company officer or chief-just like each of us have a responsibility to size up when arriving on the fireground-it is just as important to “size up” each other if we truly believe in brother and sisterhood.

 =Director Steve Click-Office of First Responder Wellness-State of Ohio

“What Ohio Is Doing For Their Fire, EMS & 911 Dispatch Members…And What Can Be Done In Every State

In an effort to tangibly address disturbing behavioral health trends, the Ohio Department of Public Safety established the Ohio Office of First Responder Wellness. Its mission is “to encourage self-care and mental wellness for Ohio’s first responder community including firefighters, EMS and 911 dispatch personnel.. They provide specialized support and training to help agencies proactively address post-traumatic stress and other traumas caused by factors that are unique to first-responder careers. Steve Click is the director of the Ohio Office of First Responder Wellness. He retired as a Lieutenant with the Ohio State Highway Patrol after 36 years of service, and he will share what Ohio is doing-and how that can be done in every state.

==Fire Chief Tim Sendlebach-Loveland (CO) Fire Authority 

Sleep? I Don’t Need No Stink’n Sleep!

As a veteran Firefighter and Chief who runs marathons, Iron-Man competitions and seems to always be “on”—to meet Tim you would think HE nevers sleeps! But nothing could be further from the truth. Tim will take us through a journey to help us truly understand why sleep is so critical-and how to get what we need-especially for younger firefighters.

==Fire Chief Bryan Frieders-Pres-Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Firefighter Cancer…It’s Not Just For The Old Firefighters Anymore.

Bryan is the President of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network and a veteran Fire Chief. Few know more about the impact of cancer of Firefighters than he does. While it’s often thought of as a problem for “those old firefighters”…which is absolutely wrong-as Bryan discusses how young firefighters are being diagnosed-and losing their lives as well, in what is the most common of firefighter diseases.

==DR Kenny Fent-CDC/NIOSH

Firefighter Survival FACTS From NIOSH. The reality of Firefighter Line of Duty deaths.

Dr. Fent is currently the Head of the National Firefighter Registry Program at CDC/NIOSH, which is a new congressionally mandated program to monitor cancer outcomes and occupational risk factors among firefighters in the United States. He is also a Commander in the U.S. Public Health Service and has spent over a decade studying firefighters’ exposures and health effects and published over 70 articles and reports summarizing his findings. His research findings have provided evidence to support a variety of control measures to reduce carcinogenic exposures in the fire service, many of which have been widely adopted. He is also an active member of several public safety committees and advisory boards.



Take Care. Be Careful. Pass it On.


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