Many many years ago I remember some specific Chief officers responding with us to fires. Chiefs who we never saw at training, but who arrived on scenes and “took command.” 

Chief officers who rested on their history as Firefighters didn’t attend any training, but who were now in charge of us. Of course and as expected, for Company officers, if there is training, those Company officers must be there. But what about the chiefs? 

Are Chiefs at the same training? 

Are Chiefs stretching lines and venting roofs during training? 

If so, stop. 

Training for chiefs? Sure HR sends chiefs to all kinds of HR training, but what about current tactical & operational training? Training needs to be on what a chief officer will be doing when they go to that next fire. Hopefully, it is not stretching lines and venting. But chiefs training on what their role and responsibility will predictably be at the next fire. Size Up. Radio Reports. Tactical Documentation. Command. Division Supervisor. That stuff.

As busy as “chiefing” can be these days, tactical firefighting chief-level training is more relevant than ever. 

Would you bet on a football team where the coach didn’t attend training?

… here’s the rest of that story:

Cya at training.

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 5/31/2023-0800 Hours