The Firefighter who was killed in the Line of Duty last night in the Sun Prairie explosion and fire has been identified as Fire Captain Cory Barr.
Captain Barr and his wife owned the Barr House Pub Restaurant (destroyed in the explosion and fire) and he was also Captain of the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department.
This morning, Barr’s wife, Abby Barr, thanked the police, firefighters, family and friends who helped overnight. “Trying to find the words, and not sure how I can. The husband, the father of my children, a son, an uncle, a brother, and so many other things was taken from this world tonight way too soon.”

HERE is drone footage immediately following the explosion:

HERE is more raw footage:

HERE is drone footage from afar:

HERE is an article about Captain Barr:

Captain Barr’s family lost him-and their business (Shown below with his wife and twin daughters)

Much more to follow.

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The Secret List 7/11/2018-1230 Hours