NFPA sometimes reminds me of the the Wizard of Oz-people think they know about it-sorta-kinda-but few understand what goes on behind the curtain. And quite frankly, while nearly everything we do in the fire service is covered by an NFPA standard, sometimes heads are left scratching.

One of the recent “hot button” items is the NFPA Standard 1851: your bunker gear-from helmet to coat to gloves to pants to boots….the stuff we wear. 

So how serious are we about this standard? 

Do “all” FD’s actually follow the standard?

Is your department compliant?

Does It Matter?


So…take literally ONE MINUTE and provide your input:

And as far as what’s going on behind the curtain, the curtain is easily pulled back for every NFPA standard-we just have to look:

Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.


The Secret List 2/11/2019-0920 Hours