Sectional Managers

David Cook

David Cook

Section 1

David Cook started his career with the Albany Int’l Airport Fire Department in 1991. He started as a firefighter/EMT, then as a shift Captain, and in 2000 he was appointed Chief of the Department. Since becoming Chief he has overseen the construction of the new fire station, upgraded a new fleet of fire apparatus, and implemented new test requirements for new firefighters. He started programs that required all new firefighters to become NYS/National certified firefighters and National certified ARFF firefighters. This consisted of attending 40hr ARFF basic school and the NYS recruit firefighter training program. He has been instrumental in receiving grant money to place AEDs throughout the airport terminal and other buildings on the airport. He also secured a FEMA grant for exercise equipment to be placed in the new state of the art firehouse work out room. He worked with Federal Express to acquire a retired Boeing 727 cargo aircraft used for training airport firefighters along with the surrounding fire departments.

David started in 1974 as a volunteer firefighter and is a life member with 45 years’ service, rising to the rank of Captain, serving as a driver training instructor, and was on several truck purchasing committees. In1975 he joined the US Air Force and served his time as a Crash Rescue Firefighter obtaining the rank of sergeant.

Since beginning his career, he has become a member of numerous organizations, including NYS Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Albany County Fire Advisory board, and Aircraft Rescue Firefighter working group (ARFFWG).

David Cook
Fire Chief
Albany Int’l Airport
Fire Department

(P) 518-242-2385
(C) 518-378-4865

Kevin Garber

Kevin Garber

Section 2

Currently a Captain at the Richmond International Airport, located in Richmond, Virginia.  I was hired at the Airport after my family relocated to Richmond Area from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. I was born and raised in the Shenandoah valley, where  My father was Career Chief of Augusta County Fire and Rescue Department for 31 years, he retired 3 months prior to 9/11, and my older brother is current Fire Chief of the City of Staunton Fire and Rescue Department.  Shortly thereafter September 11 occurred.  I was employed by the City of Harrisonburg Fire Department, as a Firefighter.  After a short 5-year stay, I was hired by the Richmond International Airport to which I have been employed for 14 years.  Of those 14 years, I have been an ARFF Officer for 12 years of those 14, 2 as a Lieutenant, and the rest as a Captain.  I had the great opportunity to work for Retired Chief Jim Nilo, and my current Chief Shannon Winebarger.  During My extent at the Airport I have been the opportunity to grow as a person and as an ARFF Professional.  I have been assigned task by the airport, region, and state level.  Currently I hold several Regional positions:  Operations Team Leader for the Metro Regional Foam Task Force, Assigned the Central Virginia IMT as a Logistics Chief, serve as a Virginia Fire Programs ARFF Instructor.  Regional I am assigned the Regional Radio Upgrade committee (200 million Dollar Project), work with Region in Apparatus design of foam systems, and apparatus, based on their assignments.  Statewide I am curtly assigned Logistics for the Virginia Fire Officer Academy, and Virginia Chief Officer Academy, that is held every year at the University of Richmond.  At the Airport I am assigned the following: ARFF Training of current and new employees, Apparatus design and specifications.   Assigned several other tasks with Airport Police, Communications, and Operations.  I have received several accommodations while at work at the Airport.  ARFF WG Heroism Award (2011), Accommodation of Service from the FBI (2017), VCU Gala Heroism Award (2013), and accommodation of life saving award from the County Henrico Division of Fire (2013).  Thank the Chief Charles Lavene for allowing me to assit him as hid duties as the Section 2 Director.

Kevin Garber
Richmond International Airport,
Richmond  Virginina
Station (804)226-8550
Cell (540)448-3978

Allen Ward

Allen Ward

Section 3

Allen Ward has thirty-seven years’ experience as a firefighter and emergency medical technician, in the military, municipal, and private sectors. His military career as a firefighter spanned 24 WARD PHOTOyears. His is a military historian and author of the book, “Army Fire Fighting: A Historical Perspective”, detailing the history of Army firefighting from Civil War to present day. He has been employed with Rural/Metro Fire Dept., Inc., for 15 years, serving as an aircraft rescue fire fighter, fire captain, and fire chief at the Port Columbus International Airport. He currently leads the Specialty Fire Division, which is responsible for providing firefighting services to airports and industrial customers nationwide.

Rural/Metro Fire Dept
Command Fire Chief – Specialty Fire Group
8140 Enclave Way, Unit 101
Sarasota, FL 34243

Andy Lipari

Andy Lipari

Section 4

Kansas City Fire Dept./ARFF Division

7301 North Lenox Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64151


Ronald Tocci

Ronald Tocci

Section 5

Ronnie Tocci entered the fire service in 1985, became a career firefighter in 1992, and has been a member of the Dallas Fire Department since 2000.  He currently holds the rank of Fire Captain is assigned as the Training Coordinator for the department’s ARFF Program.  He functions as the Assistant ARFF Coordinator and is responsible for management of the ARFF training program.  This includes curriculum development and revision, training record management, compliance reporting, as well as administration of both the recurrent ARFF training program as well as the ARFF apparatus driver qualification program.  He also serves as a liaison between the fire department and the Department of Aviation regarding ARFF matters at Dallas Love Field (DAL), Dallas Executive Airport (RBD), and the Dallas CBD Vertiport (49T).

He holds the following certifications from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection: Fire Officer II, ARFF Firefighter – Master, Structural Firefighter – Master, Incident Safety Officer – Fire, Fire Investigator – Master, Driver/Operator – Pumper, Fire Service Instructor III – Master, and Field Examiner.  He is also licensed as a paramedic by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

He earned the following degrees: 1) B.A. Management – Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, Louisiana); 2) A.A.S – Fire Services Administration – Weatherford College (Weatherford, Texas); and 3) A.A.S. Fire Science and Safety Technology – Weatherford College (Weatherford, Texas).

Fire Captain, ARFF Training Coordinator
Dallas Fire Department
Phone – (214) 288-5077
Email –

John Cole

John Cole

Section 6

John has been married 17 years to his wife Rachel.  He has 16 year old son Johnny and a 14 year old daughter Anne.  John has spent 20 years in the fire service, 19 years with the Port of Seattle Fire Department.  He has been 3 ½ years as ARFF Training Captain.  John spent 24 years as a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot Army National Guard.  He had 2 deployments to Iraq.  John has a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University, Go Cougs!

Contact Info:
Captain John Cole
Training Division
Port of Seattle Fire Department
Cell: 206-437-2786

Oscar Scott

Oscar Scott

Section 7

Captain II Oscar Scott has been a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 30 years.  He has held the rank of Firefighter, Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician, Captain I and for the past 11 plus years Captain II.

Captain Scott is currently the Fire and Life Safety Agency Representative – Liaison Officer for the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA).  Captain Scott has served in this position over 10 years.

The following are examples of some of his duties:

  • LAFD/LAWA Fire Department Agency Representative/Liaison Officer at emergency incidents.
  • Responds to all major emergencies at LAWA.
  • Fire Department Representative for the LAWA Department of Operations Center (DOC).
  • Coordinates multi-agency training, fire protection and public events.
  • Safety Officer

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) duties:

  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting certified – Captain II Scott often serves as the on-duty ARFF Commander at Fire Station 80 where he is in charge and responds to aircraft emergencies aboard ARFF 1.   (The ARFF apparatus is the big greenish-yellow 6 wheel drive fire trucks used to fight large aircraft fires).
  • ARFF Working Group member – The Working Group serves to promote the science and improve the methods of aviation fire prevention and protection.
  • ARFF NFPA Co-Chair – Assist with developing best practices for aircraft fire suppression, passenger and firefighter safety.

Prior Assignments:

Captain Scott’s previous assignments includes Westchester Fire Station 5.  He served in the capacity of Firefighter for over 3 years and as a Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician for nearly 6 years.  As a Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician he was part of the Battalion Command Team that was responsible for managing all fire stations from Venice to Westchester included LAWA fire stations and ARFF.  Captain Scott was promoted to Fire Captain I in 2006 where he would eventually come back to Westchester Fire Station 5 and server as Captain.

Captain Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles where he excelled in academics and athletics.  He is a people person that wanted to give back to his community.  He joined the Los Angeles Fire Department and dedicated his service to the citizens of Los Angeles.

Captain Scott has served the Westchester/LAWA community for nearly 20 years of his 30 plus year career with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Capt. Oscar Scott
LA Fire Dept.
200 N. Main St.
Los Angeles,  California  90012
213 – 305-2027

Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll

Section 8

 I followed in my grandfather’s and father’s footsteps and became a volunteer firefighter in Sudbury Ontario in 1997. In 2001 I was given the opportunity to join the ARFF team at the Greater Sudbury Airport (CYSB). After 9 years at CYSB I moved my wife and 3 kids to the Region of Waterloo in 2010 to take on the position of Supervisor, Airport Emergency Services and Training at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (CYKF). Since being in Waterloo I have volunteered my services with the Township of North Dumfries Fire Department, where I currently hold the position of Chief Training Officer.

I am currently under contract with the Province of Ontario’s Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management, Academic Standards and Evaluation department as a Lead Evaluator for NFPA testing for firefighters looking to enter the fire service or expand their accreditations.

I hold multiple IFSAC and Pro-Board accreditations through the Ontario Fire College as well as certifications from Canadian Airports Online College and Sault College in Airport Administration and Operations.

I have been a member of the ARFF Working Group since 2010 and have taken advantage of conferences, training and networking opportunities provided over the past 10 years.

Contact Information

Sean Carroll
Supervisor, Airport Emergency Services & Training
Region of Waterloo International Airport
1-4881 Fountain St. N
Breslau, On      N0B 1M0
Office   519-648-2256 ext. 8536
Cell  519-501-5870

Paul Looney

Paul Looney

Section 9

569 Clintonville Rd.
North Haven, CT, USA, 06473

Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Section 10

Peter is the Chief Fire Officer and Manager Airfield Operations of Christchurch Int’l Airport. He has served 35 years which includes thwo (2) years as Manager Airport Fire Service, Rarotonga, Cook Islands and 20 years concurrent service with New Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade

Chirstchurch Int’l Airport
107a Major Hornbrook Rd.
Christchurch 8081

Lars Erlandsson

Lars Erlandsson

Section 11

Lars Erlandsson has been in the ARFF industry since 1986. Before the ARFF experience Lars did serve in the Royal Swedish Army and in the Swedish Civil Defense. Presently he serve at Swedavia AB, Swedish Airports, as Manager Airport Academy and ARFF advisor to the company. He was a co-author of the Swedish ARFF handbooks and has experience of ARFF consulting and training internationally since the mid-90’s.  Lars served 6-years on the Board of Directors and three (3) of those as the Treasurer.

Lars Erlandsson
Manager Airport Academy
Swedavia AB Airport Academy
Stockholm-Arlanda   SWEDEN

Phone: 46-8797-6465

Mitch Iles

Mitch Iles

Section 12

A member of the Fire Service industry since 2000, Captain Mitch Iles joined DFW International Airport in 2004. Captain Iles is the course coordinator and lead instructor for the Basic and Advanced ARFF courses, and all hands-on skills offered through the DFW Fire Training Research Center. Captain Iles also schedules and coordinates all research projects that are done at the FTRC. He is DFW Fire Department’s foam/PFAS subject matter expert. He currently holds a position on the AAAE PFAS workgroup, ACI/AAAE/NFPA Alternative Firefighting Agent Expert Advisory Group, and ARFFWG PFAS workgroup. He has certifications with the Texas Commission on Fire Protection as an Advanced Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, Advanced Structural Firefighter, HazMat Technician, Training Facility Instructor, and is an EMT. Captain Iles is a front-line supervisor bringing field experience into the classroom for all students.

Mitch Iles
Public Safety

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
1530 W. 27th St.
DFW Airport, TX  75261-9428

T (972) 973 8457
M (817) 729 3843
Scott Beacher

Scott Beacher

Section 13

 I started working at Ward Diesel Filter Systems in April of 2007 as Vice President and since have purchased the company along with several other manufacturing companies starting in 2013.  Ward Diesel is very active in many advocacy aspects within the fire industry and local, state and national government on the health and safety concerns for the Fire and EMS Industry.

 As President and Owner of Ward Diesel Filter Systems I help coordinate several health and safety efforts across the US within the Fire/EMS Industry.  My goal is to drive awareness of the extreme harmful issues facing todays Firefighter and EMS Personnel. 

 I am currently involved in many Fire/EMS Industry Organizations, Committees and events.  Here are a few of the key Organizations:

  • NFPA 1585 Technical Committee
  • ARFF Working Group – Section 13 Section Manager
  • ARFF Working Group – Health & Safety Sponsor/Committee
  • VCOS Cancer Committee Sponsor Member (R & D, Marketing and Committee Strategy)
  • VCOS – Assists in the coordination of all sponsors for VCOS Symposium
  • VCOS West – Key Sponsor – one of the first sponsor initiating the program
  • NVFC – Sponsor Member
  • Lavender Ribbon Report – 11 Best Practices for Firefighter Cancer Prevention Chair, Author and Steering Committee Member
  • IAFC – Current Member as a Health & Safety Products Manufacturer
  • IAFC – FSTAR Health & Cancer 360 – Get Checked Campaign Key Supporter
  • Metropolitan Fire Chiefs – Gold Level Sponsor
  • FAMA – Current Member as a Health & Safety Products Manufacturer of equipment for emission systems within apparatus
  • FAMA – Technical Committees for both Chassis and ARFF
  • FAMA – Government Affairs Committee Member
  • Fire Service Conference and Trade Event Sponsors – Participate in over 70 Fire Chief Conferences, Seminars and Trade Events annually

 In addition to Ward Diesel we have a family of companies located at BEST Corporate Park (formerly the Schweizer/Sikorsky Aircraft Manufacturing Facility) in Horseheads, NY.  Our other companies added over the last several years are Ward Apparatus, Ward Clean Air Products, Filter Cleaner, EL Manufacturing, Sealmaster Clamps, BOSS Security & Automation, and BEST Corporate Park.

 I look forward to having meaningful dialog on how we can make an impact within the fire service to mitigate the risk of exposure to carcinogens and other toxic conditions.

Scott H. Beecher
Ward Diesel Filter Systems


Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen

Section 14

Deputy Chief
Royal Danish Air Force
Moellholm Landevej 73


Int’l Section Managers

Lloyd Gardiner

Country Coordinator – Caribbean

Nassau Int’l Airport Fire Dept.
Golden Gat #2, #7 Tangerine St.