Sectional Managers

David Cook

David Cook

Section 1

David Cook started his career with the Albany Int’l Airport Fire Department in 1991. He started as a firefighter/EMT, then as a shift Captain, and in 2000 he was appointed Chief of the Department. Since becoming Chief he has overseen the construction of the new fire station, upgraded a new fleet of fire apparatus, and implemented new test requirements for new firefighters. He started programs that required all new firefighters to become NYS/National certified firefighters and National certified ARFF firefighters. This consisted of attending 40hr ARFF basic school and the NYS recruit firefighter training program. He has been instrumental in receiving grant money to place AEDs throughout the airport terminal and other buildings on the airport. He also secured a FEMA grant for exercise equipment to be placed in the new state of the art firehouse work out room. He worked with Federal Express to acquire a retired Boeing 727 cargo aircraft used for training airport firefighters along with the surrounding fire departments.

David started in 1974 as a volunteer firefighter and is a life member with 45 years’ service, rising to the rank of Captain, serving as a driver training instructor, and was on several truck purchasing committees. In1975 he joined the US Air Force and served his time as a Crash Rescue Firefighter obtaining the rank of sergeant.

Since beginning his career, he has become a member of numerous organizations, including NYS Association of Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Albany County Fire Advisory board, and Aircraft Rescue Firefighter working group (ARFFWG).

David Cook
Fire Chief
Albany Int’l Airport
Fire Department

(P) 518-242-2385
(C) 518-378-4865

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Section 2

Richard B. Wilson is at the forefront of the continuously evolving emergency services industry. He has devoted the last ten years leading his team as the Fire Chief for the Allegheny County Airport Authority through numerous changes; creating new business models as an innovate, adaptable, solutions driven environment for the operations of the Fire Rescue Department and FAA Regional Fire Training Facility at Pittsburgh International and Allegheny County Airports. He believes the continued development and empowerment of the team consisting of firefighters, fire officers and administrators is the key to continued growth and success for the airport and the region.

Richard aligned with many key stakeholders in the emergency management community over a span of the last 25 years, building relationships that led to mutual aid partnerships. He worked on a team of industry experts to evaluate mental health cultures in emergency responders and incorporated the findings into a standardized guideline for the department and partners. He developed a business plan and successfully led the opening and operation the FAA Regional Training Facility at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). He also coordinated and executed the opening of an Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) facility at a non-certificated airport. Richard has developed and led a local Incident Management Team as Incident Commander.

Richard believes the development of strategic plans and key performance indicators with a focus on heightened customer awareness drives a culture of engagement and pride. Richard’s creation and implementation of the on-going professional development program provides room for advancement and promotions. Currently there are 4 internal leadership promotions and 7 internal managerial promotions. His trainer qualifications avail him to instruct many miscellaneous programs relating to; airport and airfield operations, aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF), business continuity as well as NIMS ICS series.
Richard is an AAAE Airport Fire Officer, currently holding a position as the Chairman of the North-East Chapter/AAAE ARFF Committee. He holds an adult methodology trainer certification as a nationally certified ARFF Firefighter, Fire Instructor I, and Fire Officer II, in addition several other national certifications, delivering training both locally and nationally,
Richard attended City College of Chicago while a member of the United States Air Force with concentration in Fire Science. He was a firefighter for over fifteen years, a deputy fire chief for seven and a proud veteran of the US Air Force as a fire protection specialist then serving Andrews Air Force Base Maryland for Air Force One. He is married with two children residing in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.

Richard Wilson
Emergency Management, Fire Service Executive

Allen Ward

Allen Ward

Section 3

Allen Ward has thirty-seven years’ experience as a firefighter and emergency medical technician, in the military, municipal, and private sectors. His military career as a firefighter spanned 24 WARD PHOTOyears. His is a military historian and author of the book, “Army Fire Fighting: A Historical Perspective”, detailing the history of Army firefighting from Civil War to present day. He has been employed with Rural/Metro Fire Dept., Inc., for 15 years, serving as an aircraft rescue fire fighter, fire captain, and fire chief at the Port Columbus International Airport. He currently leads the Specialty Fire Division, which is responsible for providing firefighting services to airports and industrial customers nationwide.

Rural/Metro Fire Dept
Command Fire Chief – Specialty Fire Group
8140 Enclave Way, Unit 101
Sarasota, FL 34243

Andy Lipari

Andy Lipari

Section 4

Kansas City Fire Dept./ARFF Division

7301 North Lenox Avenue

Kansas City, MO 64151


Sean Parker

Section 5

Village of Ruidoso
313 Cree Meadows Dr.
Ruidoso, NM 88345
John Cole

John Cole

Section 6

John has been married 17 years to his wife Rachel.  He has 16 year old son Johnny and a 14 year old daughter Anne.  John has spent 20 years in the fire service, 19 years with the Port of Seattle Fire Department.  He has been 3 ½ years as ARFF Training Captain.  John spent 24 years as a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot Army National Guard.  He had 2 deployments to Iraq.  John has a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State University, Go Cougs!

Contact Info:
Captain John Cole
Training Division
Port of Seattle Fire Department
Cell: 206-437-2786

Oscar Scott

Oscar Scott

Section 7

Captain II Oscar Scott has been a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 30 years.  He has held the rank of Firefighter, Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician, Captain I and for the past 11 plus years Captain II.

Captain Scott is currently the Fire and Life Safety Agency Representative – Liaison Officer for the Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA).  Captain Scott has served in this position over 10 years.

The following are examples of some of his duties:

  • LAFD/LAWA Fire Department Agency Representative/Liaison Officer at emergency incidents.
  • Responds to all major emergencies at LAWA.
  • Fire Department Representative for the LAWA Department of Operations Center (DOC).
  • Coordinates multi-agency training, fire protection and public events.
  • Safety Officer

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) duties:

  • Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting certified – Captain II Scott often serves as the on-duty ARFF Commander at Fire Station 80 where he is in charge and responds to aircraft emergencies aboard ARFF 1.   (The ARFF apparatus is the big greenish-yellow 6 wheel drive fire trucks used to fight large aircraft fires).
  • ARFF Working Group member – The Working Group serves to promote the science and improve the methods of aviation fire prevention and protection.
  • ARFF NFPA Co-Chair – Assist with developing best practices for aircraft fire suppression, passenger and firefighter safety.

Prior Assignments:

Captain Scott’s previous assignments includes Westchester Fire Station 5.  He served in the capacity of Firefighter for over 3 years and as a Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician for nearly 6 years.  As a Firefighter Emergency Incident Technician he was part of the Battalion Command Team that was responsible for managing all fire stations from Venice to Westchester included LAWA fire stations and ARFF.  Captain Scott was promoted to Fire Captain I in 2006 where he would eventually come back to Westchester Fire Station 5 and server as Captain.

Captain Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles where he excelled in academics and athletics.  He is a people person that wanted to give back to his community.  He joined the Los Angeles Fire Department and dedicated his service to the citizens of Los Angeles.

Captain Scott has served the Westchester/LAWA community for nearly 20 years of his 30 plus year career with the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Capt. Oscar Scott
LA Fire Dept.
200 N. Main St.
Los Angeles,  California  90012
213 – 305-2027


Section 8

Paul Looney

Paul Looney

Section 9

569 Clintonville Rd.
North Haven, CT, USA, 06473
203 494 5409
Peter Moore

Peter Moore

Section 10

Peter is the Chief Fire Officer and Manager Airfield Operations of Christchurch Int’l Airport. He has served 35 years which includes thwo (2) years as Manager Airport Fire Service, Rarotonga, Cook Islands and 20 years concurrent service with New Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade

Chirstchurch Int’l Airport
107a Major Hornbrook Rd.
Christchurch 8081

Lars Erlandsson

Lars Erlandsson

Section 11

Lars Erlandsson has been in the ARFF industry since 1986. Before the ARFF experience Lars did serve in the Royal Swedish Army and in the Swedish Civil Defense. Presently he serve at Swedavia AB, Swedish Airports, as Manager Airport Academy and ARFF advisor to the company. He was a co-author of the Swedish ARFF handbooks and has experience of ARFF consulting and training internationally since the mid-90’s.  Lars served 6-years on the Board of Directors and three (3) of those as the Treasurer.

Lars Erlandsson
Manager Airport Academy
Swedavia AB Airport Academy
Stockholm-Arlanda   SWEDEN

Phone: 46-8797-6465

Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen

Section 14

Deputy Chief
Royal Danish Air Force
Moellholm Landevej 73


Int’l Section Managers

Lloyd Gardiner

Country Coordinator – Caribbean

Nassau Int’l Airport Fire Dept.
Golden Gat #2, #7 Tangerine St.