The Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group (ARFFWG) is a non-profit membership organization established in 1990 to promote the science and improve the methods of aviation fire protection and prevention. The organization exists for the benefit of fire protection personnel around the world who work at airports or work with aircraft and/or who can reasonably be expected to be involved with some type of aviation/aircraft related emergency event.

The ARFFWG analyzes and discusses procedures to be utilized when dealing with aviation and airport related concerns worldwide. The ARFFWG is a leader in aviation fire fighting techniques and is a conduit for information which is found to be of operational benefit to airports, airport fire services, and responding mutual aid departments. 

Being a Member of the ARFFWG provides access to relevant information and experts in the industry for all those concerned with aviation fire safety.  The ARFFWG has created an efficient conduit through the development of information cross-feeds in areas such as training, facilities, operational procedures, investigative information, as well as areas of interest that may become more evident as the science of aircraft rescue and fire fighting continues to develop.

A major effort of the ARFFWG is standardized personnel training. We strive to be the leader in the ARFF community for effective and leading-edge training to ensure the fire fighting and airport communities have access to the most current knowledge for the best possible outcome in the event of an incident in their communities. Detailed discussions and extensive research are conducted constantly to establish proper training material.

The ARFFWG also recognizes those individuals and ARFF Departments that have exemplified outstanding performance in areas of heroism, professionalism, and dedication to the advancement of ARFF.

The ARFFWG works with manufacturers of aviation fire protection equipment and services to assist them in evaluating equipment, ideas and products that best serve the aviation fire fighting industry.